February All Breeds Sale 2017

This year we are offering 5 bulls at the Rockhampton February All Breeds sale.

Below are images and some details about each bull. Hope we might catch up with you at the Rocky sale.

Lot 408 –Lucrana L02(P)

906kgs Fat: 6/5 EMA: 140 Semen: 70%

Lot 409 –Lucrana L03(P)

918kgs Fat: 8/6 EMA 142 Semen: 85%

Lot 417 –Lucrana K87(P)

920kgs Fat: 5/5 EMA: 142 Semen: 85%

Lot 418 –Lucrana K209(Scur)

860kgs Fat: 6/4 EMA: 127 Semen: 85%

Lot 419 –Lucrana K190

882kgs Fat: 7/5 EMA: 135 Semen: 90%

Thank you! Please come and say hello to any of the Lucrana Team at the Rocky sale!

Please use the form below to send us an email and we will provide you with the information you are after as soon as possible.

Feb 2017 Rocky All Breeds

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