12th Annual Lucrana Simmentals on Property sale


Lucrana Simmental On Property Sale is on 12 PM, Friday August 18th 2023. This year we have a very good offering.


41 Traditional and Red Simmental Bulls
23 Black Simmental Bulls

Lucrana Simmentals 12th Annual On Property Sale

Once again we are pleased to bring forward a catalogue of ‘commercially relevant’ bulls for your competition.

This year’s sale draft features a number of new Sire lines, and across the entire catalogue I believe they are the most even group we have ever offered for sale.

These sale bulls are the product of a cow herd that grazes predominately native pastures, and is run under tough, true commercial conditions.

The 2021 drop sale bulls will be presented for sale off an oats crop and are ready to work.

Another sale highlight are the 10 ‘Top of the Drop’ yearlings that have been catalogued. These young sires have been selected from the 2022 winter calving cows as the best performing bull calves, and I can thoroughly recommend

All Lots have been DNA Tested for Colour and the Horn/Poll gene, and the results are noted in the catalogue where applicable.

Pre sale inspections or enquiries are welcome either directly or via the selling agents.

If you can’t make it on sale day, bidding is available online through the Elite Livestock Auctions platform.

Thank you.

Andrew Moore

Sale is Online as well

Click on the Elite Livestock Logo to register.

For more info contact:

Stud Principal

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

0428 535 154

Click here to email me

Sale Catalogue

Click the image and the catalogue will open in a new tab as a PDF the file is 6MB in size

Supplementary Sheet

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Pre Sale Video

Below is the current video of Pre Sale Video for 12th Annual Lucrana Simmentals on Property sale.

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Bull Catalogue Video Gallery

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Contact your Preferred Selling Agent

CL Squires & Co

Robbie Bloch CL Squires and Co Inverell

Robbie Bloch

02 6722 2588

0409 191 229

Click here to email me

Stud Principal

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Nutrien Ag Solutions

Colby Ede

Colby Ede

07 4671 1155

0417 265 980

Sale Is Also Online

We have you covered if you cannot make it to the ‘Popgun’ property for sale day. You can watch the sale and bid from your phone, tablet or computer via the sale interfaced with Elite Livestock Auctions.

Directions to Property

From Texas take Riverton Rd for 35kms. From Bonshaw head towards Yetman for 8kms, turn right at Bonshaw Weir Rd then right onto Riverton Rd for 11kms. From Tenterfield, 7kms past Mingoola turn right at Hynes Bridge turn off then left into Riverton Rd for approx. 35kms.

Lucrana Simmentals On Property Sale directions


All bulls have had a Breeding Soundness Evaluation and Semen Test, including Sperm Morphology.

Herd Health

The Lucrana herd is JBAS 7 and in a Cattle Tick Free area. Interstate movement of cattle is guaranteed.


2 Year OldsTick Fever (3 germ)27/01/23
BEF (3 day)23/03/23 & 17/04/23
7 in 1 – twice as weanersBooster: 5/07/23
Vibriovax5/06/23 & 5/07/23
Pestigard5/06/23 & 5/07/23
Yearlings:Tick Fever (3 Germ)10/06/23
BEF (3 day)5/05/23 & 30/05/23
7 in 1 – twice as weaners
Vibriovax5/06/23 & 5/07/23
Pestigard5/06/23 & 5/07/23

Tests: Negative Pestivirus PI Test

DNA Tests

All Lots have been Poll/Horn and Colour DNA Tested.

Docility Score

You will notice in this years catalogue all Lots have a Docility Score


Each time the bulls have come through the crush since weaning, they have been scored for Docility using the following scale:

  1. Docile
  2. Restless
  3. Nervous
  4. Flighty
  5. Aggressive

The score in the catalogue is an average of these past scores.


We are continually striving to provide as much as objective data as possible so our buyers can make better informed decisions. Assessing the temperament of individual Lots on sale day can sometimes be misleading. And we also understand that producers have differing requirements on what is an acceptable level of docility.


This score relates directly to the animal. This differs from Breedplan Docility EBV’s that are an estimate of the genetic potential of the animal for that trait by additionally taking into account the performance of relatives as well as the individual’s score.

Sale Information

Inspections: From 9AM Sale Day or by prior arrangement

Agents Rebate: 2% outside agents rebate is offered to agents introducing buyers 24hrs prior to the sale and settling on their behalf within 7 days

Catering: Barbecue lunch and refreshments provided.

Phone Bidding: The selling complex is located in a reliable Mobile coverage area. Contact the selling agents to place a phone bid.

Delivery: An offer of free delivery to major saleyards in QLD and Northern NSW (on delivery routes for other Sale Lots) is extended to all successful purchasers. This service is to be negotiated between the vendor and purchaser and is provided at the convenience of Lucrana Simmentals.

Own Transport Rebate: A rebate of $150 + GST will be deducted off the purchase price of any Lot if the purchaser takes delivery on the day of the sale in their own transport, or a carrier organised and paid for by themselves.

Bull Preparation: All bulls have been prepared on Rumevite Beef Weaner Pellets.

Handling: The bulls have been worked with bikes and dogs and also exposed to horses.

Transfers: Please indicate on the Buyers Instruction Slip if a ASBA registered animal is required to be transferred.

Safety Disclaimer: The owners, employees and representatives of Lucrana accept no liability for any accidents that may occur at the Lucra le Complex. Persons attending the Lucrana Sale do so at their own risk.